Attendance & Absence

In California, all children are required by law to attend school between the ages of 6 and 18, and must have good attendance records as well. The state defines legally truant as a student who misses school with a combination of the following types of absences without a valid excuse:

  • three unexcused absences and/or

  • three tardies and/or

  • three absences of more than 30 minutes

​You'll need to contact the school office within 24 hours of your child's absence or the absences will be recorded as unexcused.​

Attendance Hotline:

Call Mrs. Evelin Gonzalez at (408) 635-2882 and Press 2.

or email at

Please leave your child's name and room number, and the reason for the absence.

Independent Studies

Pre-arranged Short-Term Independent Studies are the only way to have an excused absence for any period lasting between 5-10 consecutive school days. If you and your student(s) are planning a vacation, please notify Mrs. Evelin Gonzalez through email at along with your student's teacher(s) at least a month prior to your travel dates. A parent meeting with Principal Mia is required in order to qualify for the Independent Study. This meeting needs to be attended within three weeks of your travel date.

Failure to apply for Independent Study in a timely manner will disqualify your student, and will result in unexcused absences, leading your student to become truant.