Williams Act Compliance Notice

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Principal Recommendations

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress


  • Please model safety and responsibility when driving through our lot and around campus and continue to drive at a SAFE speed through the parking lot, and around school at all times when children are present!

  • Please DO NOT BLOCK the valet drive through lane.

  • Only let your students out of the car in a safe drop off spot.

  • DO NOT let you students out of the car in the middle of the parking lot or street.

  • Drivers be patient

  • To ease street traffic, turn RIGHT out of the school parking lot.


If your student has a medical condition, such as asthma or severe food allergies, and requires medication to be kept at school, an authorization to administer medication form is required. The form is to be filled out by the doctor prior to bringing in your student’s medication. This includes all prescriptions and OTC medications as well as cough drops.


Field trips can enhance classroom learning through real life contact with the topic of study. Prior approval is required for students to participate in school sponsored trips.

If privately-owned vehicles are to be used for transporting students, parents of the students are to be notified and the owner of the vehicle and the parents must acknowledge in writing that they have received notice that the board’s liability insurance does not cover the use of the private vehicles to transport students for school activities.

Field trip Form Download


Common Core State Standards - List of California state adopted academic standards for Math and Language Arts.

Next Generation Science Standards - List of California state adopted academic standards.

Social Studies Framework - Overview of California adopted curriculum framework.

Common Sense Media - Resource for students, parents and educators to help ensure the safety of our youth when online.

Smarter Balanced Practice Tests

2020-21 Parent Handbook