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Reading Counts

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Scholastic Reading Counts! is based on years of reading research that shows that students who read more achieve more. At Zanker, Scholastic Reading Counts! gets our students reading on their own and provides an easy way to manage and assess their independent reading. At present, we have almost 8,000 quizzes with more books being added each year!


What’s It All About?

The Reading Counts program is designed to ensure reading success for all students. (Not to mentions it’s also a really cool reading incentive program!) The program uses two systems to measure and help improve individual reading. These two systems are called SRI and RC (Reading Counts). SRI is a computer generated quiz that helps determine a student’s reading level. The SRI score is then used to determine what books are best for each student to read. In Reading Counts students read books at their appropriate level. Everytime they pass the reading quizzes they gain points towards their goal.


How Does It Work?

To begin with students take the SRI quiz three times at the beginning of the year to measure their appropriate reading level (lexile). Once lexile levels are assessed, teachers can set student goals individually in Reading Counts. The goals are the number of points each student should earn by the end of the year (or sooner). Each child’s end goal is divided by 3 to determine benchmark steps to earn along the way. After this, students begin reading books at their appropriate level. Students choose books that are within 100 lexile points above or below their individual score. When the student is finished reading he/she takes an RC (Reading Counts) quiz on that book. The software tracks the student’s score on the book, how many points the student earned if he/she passed the quiz, and totals the points earned to reach his/her goal.



Reading Great Books

Students do best when they are matched to books that suit their interest and/or reading level. Scholastic Reading Counts! offers many ways to guide students to the best books:


Book Expert search engine, built right into the program, provides useful information on each title with fast searches to match students to appropriate books. You can use Book Expert to create book lists to print for students, send home to parents, or post on your school website.


• The Scholastic Reading Counts! e-catalog provides effective searches for the most up-to-date quizzes and titles. You can search by author, title, topic, series, interest level, Lexile level, and much more!


• Scholastic Reading Counts! can also enhance your reading curriculum with quizzes on the major basal reading programs, including Open Court Reading, Houghton Mifflin Reading, Harcourt Trophies, Scott Foresman Reading, McGraw-Hill Reading and more!


Assessing Effectively

Research also shows that when students are routinely asked about what they've read, their reading achievement improves significantly. Use Scholastic Reading Counts! as a way to ask students regularly and effectively about whatever they are reading. Each quiz is randomly generated from a bank of 30 questions that test reading comprehension and vocabulary, including a variety of literacy skill areas. Students receive immediate feedback on their performance. If they do not pass a quiz, they have up to two more opportunities to review their book and re-take a quiz with newly generated questions.