Pearl Zanker Elementary School


Library Hours

Zanker Elementary School provides library services for grade K-6 classrooms and other types of programs where classes may attend once to twice per week. Students may check out 2 books per week and renew any book the following week. There will also be extended after school library hours offered later in the year. (Please check the Zanker Newsletter for times and dates).

New books are added to the collection each year, and are selected for several reasons, including themes which support the curriculum, award winning fiction titles, and books for use with the Reading Counts program.

Our library is organized in the following ways:

1) Fiction books are organized by authors last name in either the primary book shelves or intermediate book shelves

2) Nonfiction books are shelved according to the Dewey Decimal System in both the primary (labeled with a red tad) or intermediate book shelves.

Library Rules:

Students visiting our library are expected to follow these rules:

1) Keep our library clean

2) Use a quiet voice

3) If you don't know where a book goes, put it on the "Ready to Shelve" bookcase

4) Let an adult check books in and out

5) Push in the chairs when you leave

6) Leave the library as clean as it was when you arrived

Library Collection Each student is given a library bar code number where students in grades K-6 may check out two books during each library class circulation period. Additional books for individual or group classroom projects and assignments may be checked out by a student with approval from their teacher.

All library books are due on the next library day. The student may choose to renew a book at this time, or make new selections. If a student forgets one of the two books checked out the week prior, he or she may take out one new book. If both books are not returned, no new books can be checked out until the books are returned. If a student has one or more books that is one month or more overdue, no books can be checked out until the books are returned or paid for if lost. Lost or Damaged Books If a student loses or damages a book beyond repair, the student must compensate the Milpitas Unified School District for the lost or damaged property. The student should bring a personal check or money order made payable to Zanker Elementary School and give it to their teacher so it can be cleared with the office.